From the Desktop of the Pastor – Week of the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany

Hi everyone,

So we are two whole weeks into school after the winter break, essentially my kids have been back at school for as long as they were out (minus that unexpected snow day on Wednesday), and I find myself already looking forward to the next holiday or Pro-D day. Not because I don’t like my kids being in school or learning things, but because every morning it is so hard to wake them up to get ready for school.

They complain, they whine, they sometimes throw things at me. But I find they just don’t want to wake up.

And I’ve tried different things. Sometimes I play music on my phone that I think would get them going. Sometimes I just sing the song that I think would get them going. Or other times I just try to be funny (usually don’t have to try very hard) and get them to laugh themselves out of bed. And believe it or not, all those techniques didn’t work very well.

I did find something that was able to get them going, and it is easier than I thought. I would just turn on the light and walk away.

It was that simple. Granted, we have a dimmer installed in their room and I bring it up to about 50%. Then I go an do my morning routine and by the time I come back they are usually awake. Still groggy, but awake and close to ready to go, depending on which kid we are talking about.

It’s pretty amazing what light can do when we are sitting (or sleeping) in the dark. It literally lights things up, brightens our day, and jars us into being awake.

Here are the readings for next week:
Isaiah 9:1-4
Psalm 27:1, 4-9
1 Corinthians 1:10-18
Matthew 4:12-23

If we remember to about a month ago during Christmas, we talked a lot about how Jesus is the light of the world, the light that the darkness cannot overcome. Jesus being the light always sounded nice to me, as the metaphor made a lot of sense. I mean, I would much prefer being able to see than not being able to see, and light plays a big role in that. So we are a bit partial when it comes to light.

The soft, flickering light of an open fire, the energetic, flashing lights of a music concert, the calm, humming light from my computer monitor, or even the flashing red and blue lights in our rear view mirrors, all these different kinds of light bring to us certain emotions, certain feelings, and certain cues as to what we do next.

And Jesus is no different. As the light that has come into the world, this light is calming and jarring, it is settling and disruptive, it is soothing and alarming. Light is many things to many people, just as Jesus is. The important thing is to know that while Jesus might feel disruptive in our lives, we can trust that Jesus will also bring us back with healing wings and remind us of our role as God’s children in God’s kingdom.

Jesus is the light of the world. It might not always feel like it, but the light is good.

Thanks be to God! Have a great week, everyone!

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