From the Desktop of the Pastor – Week of the 2nd Sunday of Advent

Hi everyone,

So every night I read my boys a bedtime story.  We usually try to find a series of sorts from the library and go through the whole thing.  Usually they are epic tales of wonder and super heroes and usually humour.  In the past we got such books like the Tales of Captain Underpants (and the subsequent spin-off Dog-Man), the Adventures of Captain Awesome (and that subsequent spin-off Super-Turbo), and of course a plethora of Marvel Comics (but more for me than for them, I can only read so many of these nonsensical superhero books, I need some realistic Marvel books to keep me grounded).

During my last trip to the library, a book caught my eye.  It was A Wrinkle in Time, which of course is a popular book and even made into a movie, but this one was actually in comic book form!  It was perfect!  I got it right away and started reading it to my boys already.  We just finished 3 chapters so far, but it’s been pretty interesting… mostly because I think my kids can relate to the kids in the book.

I don’t know how many of you have read this book (in its usual novel form or otherwise) or have seen the movie or just are familiar with the story, but so far it is about a family that is kind of different.  I mean they seem normal enough but as the story progresses you see that each of the characters has certain quirks that I’m sure they’ll explain later on in the story.  But for now, it’s neat to see how my kids see those quirks and relate to them as they have quirks themselves.  It’s neat to see how my kids understand how the kids in the book feel different at school and even sometimes outcasted.  It’s neat to see my kids suddenly understand that they aren’t alone in their unique yet relatable personalities and how we all actually aren’t so different that we can’t all get along.

Incidentally, chapter 2 of the book talks pretty much exactly that with this family and this boy from the eldest daughter’s school.  Anyway, you should read it (or watch the movie like I plan to) to get the whole story.  I’m just glad that my kids seem to be growing this sense of peace that they aren’t so odd and that even if they are, they are gifted and can contribute to society in their own way.

Here are the readings for next week:
Malachi 3:1-4
Luke 1:68-79 (yeah we have a passage out of Luke for the Psalm this week)
Philippians 1:3-11
Luke 3:1-6

The theme for this week (according to the Advent candles on the wreath, at least) is peace.  The peace in our hearts, the peace that Christ brings, the peace that comes with knowing God’s love for us and for all people in the midst of our differences, disagreements, and divisions.  This is the peace that we read about John the baptizer pointing toward, the peace that Paul proclaims in his letter to the Philippians, the peace that comes with knowing that we are all equal, cherished, and welcomed into God’s kingdom.

I know we don’t always feel that peace, especially these days when we are (as mentioned in today’s sermon) so fearful of the things around us.  Sometimes we don’t feel that peace because we feel like we’re so different from everyone else.  And there are times we don’t feel that peace because we just don’t understand it.  But as mentioned many times in A Wrinkle in Time, just because we don’t understand it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist (or something like that, I don’t have it in front of me).

We need to be remind that this peace isn’t just available to us, but it is promised to us by God, made apparent to us by Christ, and is pointed at by the John the baptizer and various other prophets of both ancient and modern times.  This peace shines light into the darkness and we can rely on it to bring us comfort, joy, and… well… peace.

May this peace be with you all on this day, throughout this season of Advent, and always.  Have a great week everyone!

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