From the Desktop of the Pastor – Week of Thanksgiving Sunday

Hi everyone,

So it has been a few weeks now that we’ve been dealing with 3 different schools for our 3 different kids. To be honest, it hasn’t been as bad as I had initially thought as I’ve gotten used to driving to different schools (when I need to) and learning the different culture and ethos of the different schools. And while the school my second son Wesley goes to is the one that we are most used to because Ryan was there for 4 years before moving, I am starting to see the good things about the other schools and how they are just as beneficial for my kids.

Wesley’s school has a great music program. Really really good. But I’m seeing that Ryan’s current school has a very good community focus in that they seem to (so far at least) emphasize community and relationship. I can dig that, for sure. And Kaylie’s school, although just a preschool and only 3 days a week, has a strong emphasis on learning and parent participation.

This is to be expected though, in that all schools of course will be different with different governing boards, different PAC’s, different principals, and different teachers. All these things contribute to the overall culture of the school and how our children will learn in them.

Is there a favourite? Hard to say, as they are just different. It’d be like asking if I had a favourite kid, to which I would at least openly that they are all my favourite. There are times of course I’d rather be one more than the other for a variety of reasons (usually whichever one isn’t acting like a total puke at that very moment).

All in all, yes, they are equal in my eyes in that I would do everything I can to ensure that each of them have the very best I have to offer (or at least, they all get the very average I have to offer… but they will get it equally).

Let’s look at the readings:
Joel 2:21-27
Psalm 126
I Timothy 2:1-7
Matthew 6:25-33

These are the texts we get for Thanksgiving this year. And as we would imagine they have themes of thanksgiving and appreciation. And as much as the origins of the holiday of Thanksgiving has been under a bit of scrutiny lately, the themes of thanksgiving and appreciation will always be appropriate and frankly welcomed and needed.

These texts show us reasons to be thankful and appreciative, in that while sometimes life can be tough, the going can be rough, and we feel like we’ve had enough, God is still God full of love and grace. God has blessed us and given us more than we could ask or imagine, even when sometimes we just don’t see it.

Sometimes it seems like others have it way better than we do. Sometimes it feels like we are singled out and have it harder than the rest. Sometimes we feel like God chooses favourites and we just aren’t it.

But you know what? We’d be wrong. Sure, sometimes we can’t seem to catch a break, sometimes we are down and out in our luck, sometimes we are dealt a bad hand, but above all, we are still watched over, still welcomed into God’s kingdom, still cared for and redeemed by the God that loves us all.

And I know that sometimes that doesn’t sound like much when the chips are down, but it is the greatest promise that we could ever receive: that we aren’t alone at our loneliest times, that we aren’t abandoned at our lowest times, and we aren’t worthless at our very worst.

Far from it, in fact. We are called beloved children of God, adopted and wanted into God’s family, invited and welcomed into God’s kingdom. So wherever we might find ourselves, wherever we might be going through, wherever we might be afraid to go, there will be a community waiting to embrace us, to take us in, and to wholly envelope us into the love shown to us by the God who created the universe.

Yes, I do believe that there is something for us to be thankful for, so let’s trust in that promise and be thankful.

Thanks and praise be to God!

Have a great week and a blessed Thanksgiving!

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