From the Desktop of the Pastor – week of Holy Trinity Sunday

Hi all,

Brace yourselves.  This past Thursday I took Wesley to his kindergarten orientation (aren’t you glad you were braced?).  That’s right.  This September, our second born will be entering the ranks of elementary school (and then just one more to go and we’ll have some free time back).

I was actually more worried about Wesley starting school than Ryan, because their temperament is so different from each other.  Ryan is much more easy going and makes friends way easier (like his dad), but Wesley is a lot grumpier and doesn’t make friends so easily (like his dad).  But rewind a few weeks and I was picking up Ryan from a new friend’s house after a playdate, and I learned that Ryan’s new friend had a brother Wesley’s age and will be going to kindergarten (at the same school) in September as well.  I didn’t think too much of it, but when orientation came last week, I introduced Wesley to this kid.

And let me tell you, those two totally hit it off.

They would not stop playing together (and by playing, I mean running around chasing each other in a dangerous fashion), and when Wesley got home he kept asking for a playdate with his new friend (he has never had a playdate before, mostly because he has no friends… like his dad).

I admit that this was a tremendous load off, knowing that Wesley has a friend to look forward to playing with in kindergarten, and mostly because he is actually capable of making friends.  I’m glad to know that he’ll be able to build a community of friends on his own, and that he’ll learn people skills and all that.  I guess what I’m saying is that relationships are so important for who we are and what we can accomplish, and life sure is easier when we have people around us.

The readings for next week are:
Genesis 1:1–2:4a
Psalm 8
II Corinthians 13:11-13
Matthew 28:16-20

As you probably have realised, this coming Sunday is Holy Trinity Sunday.  And we sometimes (or all the time) look at the doctrine of the Trinity and scratch our heads.  We sometimes wonder what it means, or how it works, or even why it is important.  And we sometimes just write it off and say “it is what it is” and leave it at that.

But I think it is more than that.  The doctrine of the Holy Trinity doesn’t just inform us of who God is, but it also informs us of who we are.  And through the readings that we get for next week, we learn that God is a relational God, and we are relational beings created in that image.

We are in relationship with the earth and all that is in it.  We are in relationship with each other in how we treat each other and join together in community.  And we are in relationship with God as the one who has created us, formed us, and continues to nurture us in the Spirit.

These relationships define us, inform us, and energize us to be more and do more and maybe even love more.  These relationships show us how important we are as people, as individuals, and as members of our communities.  For as much as our relationships energize us, so do we energize others with whom we share a relationship with.

So this Holy Trinity Sunday I will be remembering the importance of relationship, of community, and the inclusion in this great body of Christ, that I can be strengthened to do God’s work in the world.

Have a great week, everyone!

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