From the Desktop of the Pastor – Week of the 6th Sunday of Easter

Hi all,

First of all, a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who provide motherly care, as I mentioned in service today it is a very difficult and at times thankless job, so I for one want to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for all that you do for those under your care.

Speaking of which, I would be the first to admit that I’m not a great cook, but lately I’ve heard my oldest actually confirm how I’m only really second best in the house (the first of course going to his mother).  Just yesterday I made my kids some Kraft Dinner (because who doesn’t love that stuff and who can’t follow the instructions on the box?), and I was a little worried that it was too saucy (I love the sauce, but mostly because I can’t make it less saucy).  My son took a bite and said that it is 86% as good as mommy’s.  I’m not sure how he came up with that figure, but there must be some kind of checklist in his head.

And a couple weeks ago I was making my two boys breakfast.  They said they wanted a grilled cheese sandwich each.  Not one to argue, I made it for them, and also feeling a little trepid in knowing that their mom makes them grilled cheese sandwiches often.  My oldest took a bite and then sat there.  My younger son took a bite and said, “it’s good daddy” only to be interrupted by my older whispering in his ear, “mommy makes it better”.

It seems poor old dad will always be second rate in the cooking department, but that is ok as I know my wife is a great cook.  It’s just that sometimes I wonder if my kids know that I do stuff for them (mostly out of love) that mommy can’t do as well.

Namely beat those really difficult levels in video games.

And so back to second best I go.  Still, that is ok, as I will continue to love my kids whether or not they show it to me as much as they do their mother.

The readings for next week are:
Acts 17:22-31
Psalm 66:8-20
I Peter 3:13-22
John 14:15-21

You know, I didn’t share that sob story up there to gain sympathy or to steal the thunder from mothers on Mother’s Day, but rather to explain that being second fiddle doesn’t make me love my kids any less.  Case in point, don’t we often see Jesus as #1 and the Holy Spirit as #2 (or even lower)?  Wouldn’t we prefer to have Jesus in our lives, or pray to Jesus, or sing songs to Jesus over having anything to do with Holy Spirit pretty much any day of the week?

So when Jesus promises his disciples this Advocate to be with them in his place, I wonder if that even seemed like a consolation prize whatsoever.  Nothing can compare to that first place in our hearts.  But even if the Holy Spirit isn’t number 1 with us, the Spirit is still among us, in our midst, gathering us together in love and community and showing us the paths to right living and truth.

And this is the gift from Jesus and from God, that while Jesus isn’t necessarily physically with us, he is with us in Spirit and manisfesting himself in our relationships, in our congregations, and in all that we do.

May the very real presence of Christ be apparent to all of you through the Spirit which lives among us and throughout us, that as we continue to live in a world full of brokenness and hurt, we may be a beacon of hope and peace to all whom we encounter.

Have a great week, everyone!

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