from the desktop of the pastor – week of the 26th Sunday after Pentecost

Hi everyone,

Well, we’re getting really close to election time for the US.  I never really followed politics much, but it seems like everyone is following this election for obvious reasons.  I still don’t feel like I know enough about what’s going on to really make any meaningful comments, but I have noticed the rumblings that I hear around the internet.

People are talking about a fixed election.  They are talking about corruption.  They are talking about revolution.

Truth be told, this scares me.  It scares me that the threat of violence could be upon us.  It scares me that the free world as we know it may never be the same.  It scares me that so many could be driven to these extreme levels of action by their fear around change.

At the risk of sounding judgemental, I really do believe that is what this election has boiled down to, who among the two candidates can eliminate as much change as possible (in our favour)?  Now, for better or worse change is happening, the question around it now is what are we doing about it?  Are we on board with the change?  Or do we want to stop it at all costs?

All I know is that the world will be watching the events of the next few days.  I just hope and pray that humanity will be seen at its best instead of at its worst.

The readings for next week are:

Malachi 4:1-2a

Psalm 98

II Thessalonians 3:6-13

Luke 21:5-19

Yes, change is inevitable, it happens even when we change from change and remain the same, or at times, try to revert back to old ways of life.  Sometimes doing this helps us cope.  Sometimes resisting change helps us feel in control.  Sometimes pretending change doesn’t happen makes us believe that it really doesn’t.  But the fact of the matter is that it will.

But what can we do?

Scripture tells us what people have done.  Some have simply given up.  Some have completely shut down.  Some have taken advantage of the situation and lived off of others.

I think the last thing we should do is give up.  The last thing we should do is think that everything is over.  The last thing we should do… is lose hope.  As scary as the future may seem for us, there is always hope.  As bleak as whatever may come may seem, we must hold onto hope.  Even if the world seems to be falling apart in front of our very eyes, it is hope that we carry us through.

For our hope in the ever-living God will grant us peace in knowing that we are not alone.  Our hope in the promises of God reminds us that while things look grim, God remains good.  Our hope in the faithfulness of God tell us that even when the world is changing, when things aren’t anywhere near how they were, when things seem like they could never been as good as they were before, that God never changes, God never gives up on us, God never stops loving us and regarding us as God’s own children, caring for us and holding us in the palms of God’s hands.

Come what may in the world of politics, but may we all remain faithful to who God calls us to be as God’s people, reaching out a hand of love with God’s gospel, serving where we can with God’s grace.

Peace be with you all this coming week.