From the Desktop of the Pastor – Week of the 4th Sunday after Easter

Hi everyone,

Undoubtedly you read the sermon from today, as I know that is just your weekly routine.  You know, wake up, maybe go to church, sit in front of computer and open up website, read the sermon as soon as it’s posted, then read the weekly reflection.  I know because it is almost exactly my Sunday routine as well (except not really).

Well, in the sermon is there is reference to Psalm 23, which happens to be the Psalm for this coming week.  Funny how things like this work out (also bad timing).  But the message is the same.  The good news is the same.  The hope that is given to us, that we hold on to, that heals us and restores us, is the same.

Let’s just look at those readings for next week:
Acts 4:5-12
Psalm 23
1 John 3:16-24
John 10:11-18

As mentioned today, those 4 words are what get me right in the feels.  “You are with me.”  Because it is so true.  Through all the hardship of life, we have a shepherd with us, willing to lay his life down for our sake, doing whatever it takes to make sure that we’ll be alright.

What a promise that is.  What joy that brings.  What hope is instilled in us through these wonderful 4 words.

Life is tough.  Sometimes we get over it.  Many times we don’t.  But through it all, God is with us through community, through relationship, through creation, and holds us close with the hands that created the universe and reassures us that we will be ok.

Because God is with us.  Amen.

Have a good week, everyone.

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