From the Desktop of the Pastor – (Holy) Week of Easter Sunday

Hi everyone,

I’m going to start this week with the readings for next week:
Acts 10:34-43
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
Colossians 3:1-4
Matthew 28:1-10

Well, we made it to Holy Week, and this is a Holy Week like none other (at least in our lifetimes). We continue to gather while apart, worship over the internet, and be present with each other without actually being present. And I know, it’s weird. It’s tough. And it’s not the same.

A colleague of mine was reflecting on this need that we have to keep things the same. That when we lose something, it’s like we go on this mad scramble trying to figure out how to gain back what was lost.

Sometimes what is lost is lost. Sometimes things won’t be the same. Sometimes we lament the changes in our lives, in our communities, and in the world around us. And it really feels like this is one of those times.

And coming right in the middle of it: Easter.

It’ll be weird to sing Alleluia again but alone. It’ll be weird to celebrate the triumph of resurrection when it still feels like we’re losing. It’ll be weird to look to life when we are engulfed with death.

But you know what? We’ll do it anyway. We will continue to gather virtually. We’ll continue to worship our God. We’ll continue to be the resurrected body of Christ in a world that seems to be only able to think about death. Because that is what it means to be an Easter people.

That is who we are created and called to be. That as we navigate this time of global pandemic, we can be bearers of hope, peace, and service as we reach out to friend and neighbour and continue to act as God’s hand and feet of compassion and good will to all.

I know, this isn’t easy. But it is happening, and we are in it together. Together, we can weather this storm. Together, we can learn to adapt to this new normal. Together, we are indeed the body of Christ.

May your Holy Week be full of contemplation and blessing as we move into new life with Jesus our Lord.

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