From the Desktop of the Pastor – week of Christmas Day (and the Day before Christmas Day)

Hi everyone!


So it’s really starting to feel like Christmas (even though it’s technically Advent still)!  The church is now fully decorated with our hanging wreaths and Advent wreath sporting some dangerously short candles, when I’m driving around I see festive lights pretty much everywhere, and as I look out my window, there is snow falling from the sky.


There’s just something about Christmas time… makes me wish it was Christmas every day (say, that sounds pretty catchy, I should copyright that or something).


I wouldn’t be the only one too, for many, Christmas is the highlight of their year, the time when they feel the most joy, the most warmth (ironically in all this snow), and the most love.  It’s the time of year that there is the most magic in the air, the most courteous and charitable attitudes in people, and the most fellowship and community.


So really, there truly is something about Christmas time, and it’s really too bad that it can’t be every day.


Let’s look at the readings for next Sunday, which happens to be Christmas Day:

Isaiah 2:6-12

Psalm 97

Titus 3:4-7

Luke 2:8-20


These are the texts that we get every Christmas, and I’m ok with that because they’re great.  But as much as I love the Christmas story and all that it represents, the particular portion I’m drawn to here is in the second reading out of Titus: “But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Saviour appeared,” (v. 4).  I love this because this, to me, sums up the whole Christmas story.  Christmas is the time that we remember the birth of Jesus after all.  Jesus, being the embodiment of God’s goodness and loving kindness, appeared to us through the miracle of a baby born, saving us through mercy, justifying us by grace.


So maybe that’s why this time of year is so magical.  Because the joy in knowing of God’s goodness and loving kindness brings out the best in us, and motivates us to pay it forward and give back.  It unites us, softens our hearts, and brings us peace.  Now that is Christmas.


But wait, if we think about it, God’s goodness and loving kindness doesn’t enter our lives only at Christmas time, but throughout the year, in every aspect of our lives.  God’s graciousness and mercy doesn’t just appear only in this bleak midwinter, but in all seasons and all times.  God’s favour for us is not limited to just December 25th, but is freely extended throughout all of history, throughout all of our lives, throughout all our communities in the entire kingdom of God.


So if you really think about it, it is Christmas every day, because God’s goodness and loving kindness is not a one shot deal, it is not a limited time offer, it is not only available during Christmas.  But it is eternal, boundless, and freely given to all of us as God’s beloved children.


What a wonderful time of year to be reminded of this promise, a promise that is extended for all times, places, and to all people!


Have a wonderfully merry Christmas, everyone!

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